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Caleb's Mini Pack

When I saw the poster about Emily’s star up in the parents room at the hospital I knew I had to check it out.

What a wonderful and kind idea for parents struggling to find clothes for a very tiny baby!

My son Caleb was born ten weeks early by emergency C Section. Everything moved so fast and alongside expressing milk and my heart breaking leaving him every night, the added thought of ‘what can he wear?’ was just another thing to worry about.

The 4lb pack from Emily’s star cheered me up so much and the fact that the Asda vest had the adaptation for wires was amazing!

One of my favourite things was the pack of milestones cards - something I’d not even had the chance to think about. We can’t wait to use the due date one and see how much he’s grown!

My only regret was maybe I should’ve gone for the next size up as his head was too big for the little knitted hat!

Thank you Emily’s star for making a tired, emotional mama smile."

Jessica x

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