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Hospital Delivery

On 13th March we headed to MKUH to drop off much needed supplies to the following wards:

First stop, our neonatal unit.

A mini drop off, of two double duvets & two single duvets to replace the ones used the news rooms for parents staying on the ward before baby is discharged.

Some teeny tiny nappies & some cuppa soups for the parents room!

Second drop was to the labour ward!

Tracy Rae one of our bereavement midwives at the hospital requested some more white clothing for any tiny babies born sleeping or unwell.

We delivered 6 sleep suits & 6 vests each of these sizes 2lb, 3lb & 4lb.

Third & final drop was to Kelly on Ward21b.

We provided the unit with 15 of each of the following;

Shampoo bars

Shower gels




Sanitary pad packs

Body puff / flannel

We also donated 8 packets of knickers in size 8 through to 22.

Today we have donated over £300 worth of items to these wards, making it just over £1400 worth of support already in 2024.

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