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Meet Delilah & Dais

Delilah in white was in neonatal for 3 weeks, and Daisy in pink was in for 5weeks 5 days & has come home on oxygen with possible cataracts.

Mum Kirsty dropped us a message & these beautiful photos.

Mum ordered Mini Packs for both girls in February & Two 5lb packs were posted straight away directly to the neonatal unit.

“Just wanted to say thank you, what you are doing is amazing xx”

Each mini pack costs us around £12.50 to create.

Each pack contains;

A baby grow

A vest

Bonding squares




Milestone cards

Notepad & pen

The packs are made in blue & pink, available in sizes 2lb, 3lb, 4lb or 5lb and are available to any baby in a neonatal unit in the UK free of charge.

Packs can be ordered by scanning a QR code on a poster in a neonatal unit or by heading to our website.

Katie xx

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