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Mini Pack Feedback


Thanks so much for our pack and sorry for the delay in replying with feedback.

Our Emily spent 82 days in NICU as she was born at 24 weeks and 6 days, at 706g. In the first few weeks we nearly lost her a few times but after that she followed an extreme pre-term baby pathway with the expected issues. However we're very lucky that she's home and doing well overall.

We ordered a bag as Emily was born so early we hadn't bought anything. She was due at the end of March and we were going to shop in the January sales but she came in December.

The pack meant so much, they were some of the first clothes address she could wear and it was so helpful to have it delivered to the hospital so quickly, one less thing for us to do.

We used most of it but unfortunately by the time we needed a cardigan it was too small and the hospital had given us lots of blankets so we didn't get to use that. The best part was the awesome baby grow which opened out flat for easy access to probes, tubes, and thermometer access!

Thanks so much for all you do! Alice, Tim, and Emily"

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