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Mini Pack Feedback

In December Kylie ordered a 4lb Mini Pack for her son, here's what she had to say about it;

"We received our Emily's star package and we were amazed at how wonderful it was. The scent squares were immaculately knitted with little boats on them. A little cardigan to match and then a plain blue vest and sleepsuit. The pen and notepad have come in handy.

We have used all of the above and donated the clothes to the nicu now our baby has grown out of them. When he born our baby weighed 945g and now weighs a whopping 3.15kg 92 days later.

Thank you so much

Kylie V"

Our Mini Packs are available to all families with a baby in a neonatal unit in the UK, the packs are made up in Pink & Blue available in sizes from 2lb through to 5lb.

Mini Packs are completely free for a parent, friend or family member to order.

Each pack costs us around £10 to create & post, to help us continue supporting families just like Kylie's we rely on donations.

Thank you

Katie xx

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