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This is not just a game for us, this is a necessity.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to pop a post on here to say a huge huge HUGE thank you to you all at Emily star for allowing us to use such a huge wish of securing Scarlett a brand new iPad! ✨

Scarlett uses her iPad to communicate with us daily, without it she has no voice. After our old iPad just not charging properly and simply getting too old to function I was so worried about the expenses of having to buy a brand new one - I couldn’t believe how expensive they are now!!

After speaking with Darcy about my worries she told me about applying for a wish with them and I’m just so so grateful! She is absolutely over the moon and I’ve bought her a nice fancy case to go with it.

I honestly cannot thank you all enough for relieving such a huge pressure that I was kind of burying my head in the sand about.

And I’m talking this was within DAYS we received this!

I am so grateful and now we don’t have to worry that Scarlett won’t get to be heard.

This is not just a game for us, this is a necessity.

Thankyou 💜

Stephanie Clift

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