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Twins - Mini pack feedback

Farhana order two 5lb mini packs for her twins, Zak & Zarah.

"Our twins came early in August 2023

A lot of upheaval was involved as we were accommodated initially at a hospital miles away from home because of lack of neonatal beds at our local hospital.

This put a lot of pressure on us staying away from home not needing anything apart from medical input.

I ordered the packs for my twins once moved into local hospital, living away from town and researching the sizes of clothes needed

was a challenge and the neonatal unit helped us so much together with your pack that arrived so promptly

Now the twins are thriving I passed on the lovely Babygrows to the neonatal unit for future use for other premature babies.

Emily’s star charity gives us all hope and a parcel of encouragement to help parents who never plan for a premature baby

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Love Farhana & the twins Zak & Zarah xx"

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