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vCreate is a NHS trusted secure Video & messaging app, designed for use in a neonatal unit by neonatal staff. The app is downloaded by parents where they can recieve videos, photos, updates & milestones of their baby while they are away from the unit.

Emily's Star has been funding this at Milton Keynes hospital since 2018, costing over £22000.

Statistics from 2022-2023

Feedback from Parents

VCreate is an amazing platform that helped me to see my boy when it wasn’t possible to be by his side but also when I’d wake up, it was great to receive a picture or video of him.

I have saved everything I received and at the time was able to share with family & friends.

I had Moreece in March 2021 so during COVID. He spent a total of 11 months in three different hospitals, 4 months of that time was at MK NNU. VCreate allowed my loved ones to see him when they physically couldn’t.

Mica Kabasu

We used it back in December 2020 which I loved using. We had a difficult time due to covid so was able to keep my husband up to date when he could not see his son. Also it provided me reassurance when I was home and got updates. I still have everything I received and will treasure them. I feel it’s a great tool for parents to have through what could be a worrying time xx

Gemma Langley

Gemma Barry.jpg

Our twins were in MK back in January 2020, they had stayed in 3 different hospitals and this was the only one with the app.

It was so lovely to wake up to photos or videos of them during the night and it eased the guilt of not always being there but knowing they were safe and content.

One of the best photos we have of them at that time was via the app, it is such a good idea and we were very thankful for it x

Gemma Barry

vCreate really helped me with leaving my triplets being a first time mum I never expected I’d be leaving the hospital without my baby then finding out there were 3 and they would have to be early and would spend time in a neonatal unit, my triplets were born at 34 weeks and were on the neonatal unit for 3 weeks in December 2021 and getting sent the videos and pictures made my mornings easier when I woke up there would be a video from during the night which would ease my mind and I could watch the videos before going to bed as well  it is definitely one of the best apps there is and I was soo grateful for it.

Beth Harris

vCreate was amazing when my little twin boys was in the Neonatal Unit in February 2022 it was so hard not having them at home with me and there older brother.

Having the vCreate app was amazing so I new they were ok and their older brother could also see them. 

Having the twin boys in the neonatal unit was hard enough but there older brother not being able to see them for a while was even harder so him being able to see his baby brothers was amazing definitely put my mind at ease.

It’s amazing what you do thankyou ever so much! xx

Codie Stimpson

We used it with Ella and it was amazing!!! It helped so much, particularly in the first 5 days when I was still isolated because of COVID. I looked forward to seeing the updates and pictures and videos of Ella. Helped all of us, particularly Oscar who couldn’t see Ella at all In hospital, be able to see her progress from home.

Kimmie Brill

My son was transferred to NNU in April 2021 and spent 5 weeks on the ward.

Although I was lucky enough to be able to see him in person every day it was lovely having the photos and messages from staff when I couldn’t be there.


We used it for our boy Joshua who has just been discharged after 114 days (June 2022).

It was so exciting to wake up every morning to a video or two to see what he has been doing! It was so nice to also share with family who couldn’t come into the unit. We had Covid recently which meant we couldn’t see him for 10 days. The vCreate really helped me get through that awful time of being apart x

Gemma Pope

I can honestly say that the vCreate videos and photos were invaluable when our son was on NNU last year.

Being able to wake up and see a video or photo most days was wonderful and a great way for us to introduce our new baby to his big brother. Thank you for all you do xxx

Emma Molloy

Finger Star.jpg

My twin boys were in for 10 days in February 2022 and after a traumatic c section I was sent home I felt terrible having to leave my boys but I had to get home to my 11 year old daughter who I hadn't seen in 2 weeks.

It was very hard for her as she couldn't see her brothers due to covid so having the updates and videos were amazing, she got to see all the updates of the boys and I lived for the videos it's An amazing app and I feel extremely lucky to have been able to use the app to feel close to the boys xx

Vikki Hustwitt

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