Mini Gift Bags

As much as we would love to supply every hospital with Emily's Gift Neonatal Boxes this just isn't possible however as we would love to provide all babies born with an outfit we can offer to post our a Mini Gift Bag.

Each bag contains:
1 x Vest
​1 x Babygrow
2 x Knitted Cardigans
2 x Knitted Hats
2 x Knitted Blankets
​2 x Sets of Bonding Squares
1x Notepad & Pen
1x Set of premature Milestone Cards
Emily's Star leaflet

​The bags will come in 2lb, 3lb, 4lb or 5lb sizes & in either Pink or Blue

​The bag will only be sent directly to a hospital in England & only one pack per baby.

Please do not order multiple bags as they will not be sent.

​To order your bag please complete the form below:

Order a Mini Gift Bag
Baby's gender

Please only order a bag if you believe you will still be on the unit in 5 days time.

It usually takes 2-3 working days to arrive.

​However Royal mail are under extreme pressure & things are taking longer than normal.

​Thank you for your understanding at this time,

Hospital Name & Address - Please ensure this is completed correctly - if not the pack cannot be sent! 

Cost of a Mini Pack

Although we do not charge for the Mini Gift Bags, any donations to help towards the cost of the bags are hugely appreciated.
The bags cost us around £10 including postage!

If you wish to make a donation towards the Gift Bag you are ordering please click the link below.
​Thank you



"Its such a lovely idea and really made me smile while my baby was getting better in NICU. Isabella Rose was born on 28th May (gestation 32+5) and weighed 4lb 3oz. We hadn’t got any clothes that fit her and with the covid situation we struggled to get any other than a few pieces online. The gift pack helped so much- my favourite part was the hand knitted hat and cardigan which she went home in and I loved the colour of! She also wore the vest quite a lot as an extra layer under clothes. She’s now 6 weeks old and weighs 6lb 3oz so outgrown all her prem clothes, I’ve donated some back to the hospital but I’ve kept the cardigan with some other clothes to get sewn into a keepsake blanket."

“I ordered the bag as I was struggling to find any reasonably priced clothing that was small enough for our little girl, Daisy.
Daisy was born at 1lb 5 oz and is currently 2lb 4 oz and able to wear vests. We wanted pretty girly vests but struggled to find them. We are delighted with the Emily stars pack and have used all of the amazing gifts already. We loved the blanket but we loved the clothes the best as I couldn’t find many shops that had a premature range small enough for Daisy.
Here is a picture of her enjoying wearing the vest from the Emily‘s Star pack and enjoying the blanket 💕
Thank you so much to the volunteers. I know lots of mums on the ward have ordered them and are so pleased with them!