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Neonatal Boxes

Our Neonatal boxes come in pink & blue.

We provide the boxes directly to Milton Keynes University Hospital for babies who stay in the neonatal unit.

We provide the unit with 4 different sizes.





They are designed to be given to mums shortly after having a baby admitted into the neonatal unit

The following items are in each box;

For Baby
Baby Shampoo - (travel sized)
Baby Oil - (travel sized)
Baby Wash - (travel sized)
​Baby Talc - (travel sized)
A small Packet of Wipes 
2x baby grow & 2x Vest – (fully poppered) 
Small preemie nappies
A knitted Cardigan & Hat
A Knitted Blanket
2x Bonding Squares
Muslin Square
Premature Milestone Cards

For mum
Shampoo - (travel sized)
Shower Gel - (travel sized)
Flannel (Magic Towel)
​Deodorant - (travel sized)
Toothpaste - (travel sized)
Lip Balm
Hand Cream
Water Bottle
Notepad & Pen
Hair comb & Hairband
​Antibacterial Gel
Chocolate Bar for Partner 




This is Elsie she was born 3 weeks early weighing 4lb3oz, we spent 8 days on Milton Keynes NNU unit in that time we received a beautiful Emily's star box,  as you can see in the picture it was absolutely beautiful and so appreciated we didn't realise how small Elsie was going  to be so the baby grows, vests ,hat and knitted cardigan were just perfect for her we have kept all these and the box as a keepsake for Elsie. There was also lovely bits in their for mummy too which I was really thankful for the whole box was just perfect and so much thought had gone in to it.

Emily's star it just an absolutely outstanding charity which we will be forever grateful for, they go above and beyond to help these  families and their little miracles at a very uncertain time and we can't thank them enough for everything they have done & continue to do.....

This is Annabelle. She was born at John Radcliffe because she was born at 1lb 3oz and although she was 27 weeks she was the size of a 23 weeker. Once she was over 1kg we were allowed to be transferred to Milton Keynes. This was the first time Annabelle wore clothes. This was from a 3lb box and was still big for her. The box was something I never imagined. We were 2 months into our NICU journey and full of ups and downs and you don't realise how much this box means. We were not allowed to use the comfort squares due to covid but we were able to dress her eventually. The baby grows are amazing and not something I had seen before. They are velcro all around to compensate for wires and IVs which made dressing her so easy. The box's also had a bag of baby supplies (shampoo, top to toe, powder, baby oil which we use for hospital stays) it is so handy. An adult bag (shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste and brush and cotton buds) You don't really think about yourself as all you think about is the baby and it was so nice to have things for you. Milestone cards which we used and some other bits and bobs. It made me feel important and reminds you to take care of you. It was so unexpected but it made all the difference. I think you do an amazing job and in a horrible situation it brings a glimmer of love to parents. I'm babbling now so will leave this here with a giant Thank You ♡


We've been supported by you twice... once as a charity, and once as our hero!

The first time was about 7 or 8 years ago, at the waterside festival in great Linford. Our little girl Mayzie, who would've been about 2 or 3 at the time, wondered off from her Nan... it was the most terrifying moment of my life. After rushing about from security guard to security guard in a complete frenzy, we heard someone on their radios say that a little girl had been found and was safe. Mayzie had been found by Katie, she took her to a safe place and sat with her until we were found, keeping her calm and happy. We are still so grateful to you for keeping our little girl safe.

The second time was nearly 6 years ago, when our little baby boy was born. My pregnancy had been completely 'normal' until at 37 weeks I was called in for a scan following some tests. Max had stopped growing, and I was induced that night. The following day, on Good Friday, our little 4lb 6 baby boy was born. He was sent straight to nnu to be put in an incubator, and dropped to a teeny 4lb! Nothing fit him! Being gifted an Emily's star box actually made me cry, to be able to dress him in something that didn't drown him made me feel a little less overwhelmed. This is Max on Easter Sunday, having been moved from the incubator to a hot cot, in his teeny Emily's star outfit  (which we still have)

We are ever so grateful for both times you entered our lives and supported and helped our beautiful babies xxxx

Ava-Rose was born 18/06/20 at 29+5 weighing 2.9lbs due to preeclampsia.

During the complete whirlwind of early delivery and NICU we were lucky enough to use the ipad while I was on the maternity ward. Being surrounded by other women who had their babies beside them, this gave me a bit of comfort knowing I could see her at any time even when I didn’t feel fit enough to walk down to NICU straight after my c section.

We were then gifted the Emilys Star box which was so lovely and reassuring knowing there are plenty of other who have/are going through the same journey.

Finding premature clothes is tricky without spending a fortune, so being given a box of teeny bits was just such a nice touch.

We also stayed in the mews before coming home which gave us some well needed privacy and slight normality after 6 weeks on NNU.

Thank you for all that you do, we are forever grateful x


Knitting Requirements 

Our standard size boxes or mini packs each contain a knitted hat, cardigan, bonding squares x2 & a blanket.

3lb sizes - 12 inch chest on cardigan

4lb sizes - 13 inch chest on cardigan

5lb sizes - 14 inch chest on cardigan

All blankets should be 15x15 inches

All bonding squares should be 5x5 inches


Side note - If knitting Mariannas patterns a small prem Cardigan needs a medium prem hat, medium prem Cardigan needs a large prem hat, large prem Cardigan needs a newborn hat.


Our 5lb plus boxes each contain a blanket & 2x bonding squares.

Size - 24 inch square blanket & 5x5 inch bonding squares


We also ask for larger blankets size 24 inch square for our butterfly bags - these are requested on our page when needed.


Micro sets (under 2lb) currently not required due to changes at MKUH!


Although a full set is fantastic we know that not everyone can do everything & in them cases that you cannot donate a full set we ask for your items to be white so we are able to make up sets easily.


We ask for all donations to be in pastel colours or white, with no holes (no holes in blankets, bonding squares or cardigan sleeves - small holes in hats is fine). We also ask for all cardigans to have long sleeves.


We cannot use stuffed toys or octopus’s please do not send them to us.


Any larger pram blankets, larger cardigans, barbie clothes or knitted dresses will be used for fundraising.


This is a very basic outline of what we use but hopefully clarifies a few things for some members.


If you wish to send your items to us, our office is now reopen & our address is Emily’s Star

8 Wimborne Crescent


Milton Keynes


Patterns can be found on our Facebook group - Emily's Star Knitting Group (Link Below)

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