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Registered Families

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Over the last 11 years the charity has identified gaps within our own services and have adapted & grown to ensure we continue to offer the best support we can.

One of the crucial parts of our charity is supporting children & young adults with Complex Needs in Milton Keynes. We have found that support can be limited and sometimes very isolating. To try to ensure none of our families feel like this we provide the services below to our registered families, all completely free of charge.


These are tailored outings to each family. Families can ask for support for fun days out, attending medcial appointments or support within the home. We are available for casual chats, coffee dates and always a friendly understanding face.

These outings can also include more than one family & more than one volunteer from us.

One to One Support

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Home School Group

Our home-school group was set up in late 2021, we set this up when we realised that a number of our families had chosen to continue home education after covid. 

We meet up regularly and take part in a variety of fun & educational events.

Sensory Boxes

We have carefully designed a sensory box to be given out to all families who are under the children with complex needs team. We have a variety of items from light, senses, sound, massage & fidget.

We hold stock in our office that we are able to replenish to families as and when they need it.

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Stay and Play Sessions

We hold our stay and play sessions regularly, these are fun packed sessions for the whole family. The sessions could be anything from bowling, swimming to craft sessions or music sessions. We listen to what our families would like & enjoy and try to provide these where possible.


We provide yearly wishes to any of our registered families up to the value of £250. Families can apply for days out, sensory equipment, birthday parties, medical equipment and much more...

How to register

If you think you qualify for our services or would like some more information please complete the form below.

To access our support your child must be under the care of the complex needs nursing team in Milton Keynes.

Thanks for submitting!

Registered Families Quotes

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We are super grateful to Emily's Star for their all round support...from shopping drops during the pandemic to days to the theme parks to help with my ever growing young hero.

As a single mum I struggled shopping safely at times through the pandemic then 'boom' along came the angels.

Then my son decides to grow too fast and i am unable to lift him alone, meaning his favourite day put at theme parks was coming to end and this broke my heart...then again 'boom' the angels appear again to put the biggest smile on my sons face and take us on a day out and we get to make memories with Emily's star.



Mel & Benjamin

We have been registered with Emily star for 10 years now, they supported our family with my late son Zayn who passed away in 2017 followed by my son Rayyan born in the same year both with complex needs.
They have been an amazing charity throughout from providing grants, family days out, Xmas & Halloween parties, someone to talk to whenever we need them, sensory boxes, memory star gift, blankets and the list goes on. Through the pandemic the team were amazing in providing essentials on a weekly basis to families as we were in lockdown, dropper Easter & Xmas presents to our door & put a smile on our faces. I can’t thank them enough and look forward to the all fantastic work they keep on providing.

Nadia Slatch

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Emily’s star is not only a great charity but a great friendship. There is no judgement and I can talk about anything. They have supported us with days out and events. It’s really nice to get together and meet other families who have other complex needs children. Previously raised money for Emily’s Star through a 5k run-lots of families supported me and spread the word. Communication is always great and the girls are amazing with my kids!

Stephanie Mort


Emily’s star have supported us in more ways than one over the years. They provide very personalised support and are not only there for my son who has complex needs but our entire family too. From emotional support, to advise, helping out on hospital trips and bringing a smile to my son and his siblings faces as they arrange special days out and outings. Without this charity we would have felt far more isolated and alone. Thank you Emily’s Star!

Jay Commins

I first reached out to Emily's star about 5 years ago now. I was struggling in the holidays with my two autistic non verbal twin boys, not being able to take them anywhere at all, on my own, as they were 1:1 then. I felt I was letting them both down by not being able to take them out anywhere by myself, it was dangerous to do so. They were getting bored and destructive and therefore were displaying challenging behavior. Darcy at Emily's star was quick to react and came to meet us and offered to help me get these two out and about. It was a lifeline and since then we have experienced many a days out, Which has made a huge difference to our lives. They offered us continuous support during Covid when we had to be stuck at home. Genuinely caring and trying to make life easier for the families with extra special needs, like mine. It was so lovely during that time to have the support and someone checking in with us to see if we are ok, not to mention the offers of essential items and things to keep our special children/adults busy. We felt truly looked after. This is just a tiny bit of what this charity does.  The picture is so much bigger than this. This is just a little bit of how they have supported my family. Truly grateful for their support. 

Suzanne Welton

As a family the support we have received from Emily's Star has been unrivalled. We have 4 children and our eldest Grace is 7 and has additional needs.


Attending parties where we can all feel comfortable and no one is watching or judging us is something that's difficult to put into words but brings so much joy and happiness. A weight gets lifted that you didn't know was there until it's gone. I love that my other children are always included in every event. As they get older having connections and building friendships with other young careers will be so important for their mental wellbeing. 


The visits to Santa that Emily's Star have arranged for us in previous years are some of my fondest memories. Visiting Santa is a huge part of all children's life and so important. However, there is always so much noises and hustle and bustle they often prove overwhelming for Grace which often means as a family we contemplate going. However going with the Emily's Star group gives us a level of comfort and consequently we can access events that would otherwise be off limits to our children. 


We are so very grateful for everything they have done for us.



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