Registered Families


Over the last 10 years the charity has identified gaps within our own services and have adapted & grown to ensure we continue to offer the best support we can.

One of the crucial parts of our charity is supporting children & young adults with Complex Needs in Milton Keynes. We have found that support can be limited and sometimes very isolating. To try to ensure none of our families feel like this we provide the services below to our registered families, all completely free of charge.


These are tailored outings to each family. Families can ask for support for fun days out, attending medcial appointments or support within the home. We are available for casual chats, coffee dates and always a friendly understanding face.

These outings can also include more than one family & more than one volunteer from us.

One to One Support


Home School Group

Our home-school group was set up in late 2021, we set this up when we realised that a number of our families had chosen to continue home education after covid. 

We meet up regularly and take part in a variety of fun & educational events.

Sensory Boxes

We have carefully designed a sensory box to be given out to all families who are under the children with complex needs team. We have a variety of items from light, senses, sound, massage & fidget.

We hold stock in our office that we are able to replenish to families as and when they need it.

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Stay and Play Sessions

We hold our stay and play sessions regularly, these are fun packed sessions for the whole family. The sessions could be anything from bowling, swimming to craft sessions or music sessions. We listen to what our families would like & enjoy and try to provide these where possible.


We provide yearly wishes to any of our registered families up to the value of £250. Families can apply for days out, sensory equipment, birthday parties, medical equipment and much more...

How to register

If you think you qualify for our services or would like some more information please complete the form below.