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Katie's Football Award

Some of you may know already but I’m also a football coach…

I have always enjoyed watching football & a few years ago stepped up to help coach my son’s team…

Alongside the coaching I’m part of the committee at my awesome club Willen Football Club!

I help with the website, social media, mini kickers & anything else that the club needs support with that I can help with.

I do it because I love it, I have an amazing group of lads & Jon, who I coach alongside & nearly every session it ends in laughter & smiles …

I always say, Emily’s Star is what I do for Emily & football is what I do for Jake, it gives me the opportunity to be the best mum I can for both my kids!

15th June, I was awarded the chairman’s award at our club presentation day & I totally didn’t expect it as I’d been told it was going to someone else

I feel very honoured & proud, I do what I do for the club because I love it…

A friend once said “football is life” and honestly the world of grassroots football definitely is something very very special!

Katie xx

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