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Meet our families - Jack & Will

Meet, our twins, Jack & Will.

Jack & Will turn 21 in May and have been registered with us for a number of years. They enjoy visits out with Darcy & Jodie and love our Teen Discos.

Both boys were diagnosed with ASD at 2 and a half years old.

Will had a diagnosis of OCD traits at around 10 and then diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 years old.

Jack is very bouncy so a trampoline is essential. He has bounced through many floorboards within his house now. Anything active for Jack, has a love for a massive amount of different music. Especially Christmas songs in July.

Wills also love active activities, swinging helps him regulate but also like a bounce and swimming and going in his hot tub. He can be found against his gym ball with a quilt over his head on You tube quite a lot.

Both boys have a huge love of food, some would say it was their reason for living. They would eat and eat if mum & dad let them.

Both of the boy’s love, the wiggles, Barney, Elmo, Bob the builder they have been with the family for 20 years now, the whole house knows all the words to all of them. – Haha!

Mum Suzanne says:

“I think the boys would like people to know that they absolutely understand exactly what is said even though they are unable to respond verbally.

I think I would like to make people aware that actually it's sometimes it’s us parents who can cause anxieties by being anxious themselves. I know I make my two anxious.

The boys surprise me every day with things I've worried about such as dental appointments etc.

My two communicate so well now, but haven't always done that. Give them time. Let them find their own way of communicating if nothing else is working for you, because they will find their own way.

Lastly I just want to say this is a journey, one I wouldn't have missed for a single second. You meet some amazing people who become friends for life, along the way. Keep socialising with people in the same circumstances, I couldn't have done it without the support from friends.

Most importantly, I'm not the strongest of people. It's a head down and get on with it for me. I love my sons and I won't let them down. Simple as that for me. “

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