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Mini Pack Feedback

"Thank you, Emily’s star, for the first gift received by my 26-weeker who arrived totally out of the blue! We loved the baby grow and blanket and he still uses it now in his incubator in NICU. We look forward to the day he grows out of it. This charity is so special and allows the opportunity to put a smile on the face of parents at a tough time. Thank you"


"We ordered a bag because we were struggling to find items suitable for a small baby and wanted to spend all free time at the hospital with her. It was a little pick-me-up as baby was in special care. She weighed just over 4lb, so we got the 5lb bag. We used the bonding squares in hospital, to help us and baby feel closer when we had to be apart. And the blanket is used almost every night even now! It was a lovely treat and made us very grateful."


"I gave birth to my daughter via emergency c section at 28 weeks. I never imagined I would have had her so early, she was tiny she weighed 2.5lb I ordered an Emily star bag, and it has been a massive help, it’s so thoughtful Thank you so much! Your story is so touching you’ve helped me in many ways, and I loved the I’m a little miracle baby vest it really made me smile putting it on her it is such a thoughtful kindhearted thing to do I’m so grateful thank you so much!" Shanice

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