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New Mini Pack Coordinator

Emily’s Star are pleased to announce our new volunteer mini pack coordinator.

Now Alana has had a couple of weeks to settle in it feels right to officially announce her joining us.

Alana has helped with mini packs over the last year but every time we saw her she asked what else she could do & get more involved.

So, we needed someone to take over looking after mini packs & it seemed right to ask Alana if she wanted to help!

Alana receives all the requests for packs & manages sending them out by passing them over to the relevant mini pack volunteer. Alana is responsible for updating our records & replying to any queries relating to the packs too. We have an incredible 15 volunteers who help to make Alana’s job easy by sending the packs out whenever she asks.

We receive between 40-50 requests every month & our packs are being sent all over the UK.

Thank you Alana for helping Emily’s Star to continue to shine bright

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