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Parents Night out

There really are some incredible people in this world!!

1st May was our parents meal out & we headed to wagamama in the Xscape Milton Keynes.

It was their new menu launch day & we were treated sooo well, including yummy starters to try before our mains!

Wagamama’s kindly donated the first round of drinks too which was amazing!

The food was served so quickly & every single person enjoyed their meals.

On our parents meet ups the charity always covers the cost of food, it’s nice our families can meet up without the worry of paying for the privilege.

Tony, who I’ve known for a few years due to his amazing son Levi, told me he’d look after us for the evening & would be able to apply a discount for us… sooo…

The bill arrived & Tony asked me if he could pay it all for us, I politely declined & explained it was a lot of money & I was more than happy to cover the cost…

So, Tony ran up the card machine, just as I got my card ready, he tapped his watch & paid the WHOLE bill!!!

Yes, I did swear at him, then hugged him!

What an incredible gesture from one of the most truly wonderful guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Levi would be so proud of his incredible dad!

Katie xx

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