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Sadie's Mini Pack

I ordered the bag as I was struggling to find a cardigan from prem babies that didn’t cost a fortune. Everything seems so expensive for prem babies and with other costs of being away from home etc it can be difficult the unexpected expense

Sadie was born 4lb 11oz

I ordered it after reading a leaflet left in the lounge room in the special care unit. I then totally forgot about it until it arrived, so it was a nice surprise. It was her first bit of posted addressed to her which was lovely It arrived at a time I was having a low day, so really picked me up and made me feel excited to use the items and think about taking her home.

The blanket is beautiful, and I really love the colours but I think the best part is the cardigan. It’s really hard to find nice prem size cardigans/jackets that don’t cost a fortune. It meant we had something warm, that fit, to pop her in for coming home and first walks out together. These are big moments for any parents, but after waiting what feels like ages to do those simple bits it means even more

Photo attached of Sadie using the hat, blanket and cardigan from the pack

Thank you for what you do, it means a lot at a difficult time

Vicky x

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