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Jack & Will's Wish

Suzanne, mum to our twins Jack & Wills has said this;

"In April 2023 my twin sons, William and Jack moved into their new supported living home.

This was a huge moment in all of our lives. We helped to finance the perfect property for them to move into and we kitted them out with everything they could possibly need to make this a success.

The boys both love their hot tub and use it a lot to self-regulate. Unfortunately, during the build, the lid of their hot tub was damaged. It was a lot of money to replace it on top of everything else that we had already paid out so I approached Emily's star to see if they could help.

Emily's star very kindly agreed to help us to replace the lid. The boys have moved in and are very happy that they can continue to play in their garden and continue to be able to use their hot tub and it's so much appreciated. Thank you. "

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