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Mini Pack Feedback

We ordered a bag following a recommendation from another parent on the NICU ward who had ordered one a few days before. We thought it was such a lovely idea and really looked forward to receiving the bag, especially as I was struggling to find clothes to fit our little one. He weighed 3lb 4oz and was born at 31 weeks and 1 day. He spent 5 weeks on the local NICU ward. The outfit we received in the bag was so lovely (Winnie the Pooh set) and the bonding squares were great too.

We currently use the notebook that was included to document our little ones feeds each day so we definitely used every single item from the bag. Once the outfit was too small, we donated it to the NICU ward so that other preemie babies can benefit from it.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Emily’s Star charity, the bags you create for babies and parents are wonderful and really brightened up our day.

Here’s a photo of our little one wearing the outfit that was included in the bag.

Thank you again,

Francesca & Sam

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