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Mini Pack Session 24.04.24

24th April saw the lovely Hayley & Kayla from Network Rail joined us for a volunteer day, along with our mini pack coordinator Alana & volunteer Della the four ladies spent all morning preparing 89 Mini Packs to restock our volunteers

Each mini pack costs us around £12.50 to create.

Each pack contains;

A baby grow

A vest

Bonding squares




Milestone cards

Notepad & pen

The packs are made in blue & pink, available in sizes 2lb, 3lb, 4lb or 5lb and are available to any baby in a neonatal unit in the UK free of charge.

Packs can be ordered by scanning a QR code on a poster in a neonatal unit or by heading to our website.

Today alone, 4 requests came in just in 5 hours.

Thank you to our lovely 4 ladies for volunteering your time today to make a difference

Katie xx

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