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vCreate Feedback

Since 2018 we have been the sole sponsors of the vCreate app at Milton Keynes Hospital.

The app allows parents to receive updates via the app in the form of text, videos & photos & is secure for all parents to use.

Here is some of the feedback over the last 12 months.

Vcreate is fantastic. I wake up first thing in the morning and it is the first thing I do. I am so thankful to those who made these each night. It was lovely surprise when we got extra ones when we could not be here some of the time – like when I was unwell or had appts. The videos gave me strength. It was lovely when people took the time to type messages from her ‘love and kisses from E’ or ‘good morning mummy and daddy, I love you x’ And it made me smile when there were emojis too – like her first text messages to us! We had a few with sounds and this was always lovely to hear – I would listen over and over
The videos and face time were amazing and really helped us.
Vcreate helped a lot - We could share with those who could not meet our baby yet. We were told about it on admission and loved it straight away. It is lovely to wake up in the night or first thing to videos. It is ok if he is crying and we prefer the ones with sound - we would hear all these noises if he was home. It can never be too boring - it is our baby! And there could never be too many but we know staff are busy so would never ask for extra!
These have helped to share with our daughter and family as they cannot see him and we try to explain. (this was during covid restrictions) The longer videos make all the difference - when they are 30-60 seconds long and some of the titles like 'kisses from Joshua' are lovely. If he is awake and making sounds this would be nice to have sound on sometimes if possible.
VCreate has been really nice, the music is a lovely touch – shows time and consideration is put into it and that means a lot. We watch them a lot when we are not here.
Vcreate has been one of the best things during our stay, I wake up every day and would just go to look at him if he was home so this is the next best thing – a new video waiting every morning.

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